Sick of Fun - EP

by The Process of Weeding Out

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released September 6, 2014



all rights reserved


The Process of Weeding Out Klagenfurt, Austria

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Track Name: I Hate Festivals
i hate festivals
drunk people everywhere
thousands of beer cans on the ground
the heat is slowly killing me
a scumbag pissed on my tent
and vomited on my boyfriend
i took a bottle, smashed his face
kicked his stomach when he was down

fun at festivals is a myth
never again
fuck this shit
all the bands i came to see
are playing at the same time
only assholes in every crowd
who are talking all the time
i cant hear a thing of the band
which band is playing anyway?

fuck this

at night i cant sleep
becouse of the tent on the right
they are blasting brocencyde
the whole fucking night

there‘s no vegan food
there are no soft drinks
there are no toilets
there is only scum

i hate festivals
you hate festivals
we hate festivals
Track Name: Party Never
weekend comes after a hard week at school
boredom overflow
slept most of the time
now two days free
nothing to do
a kid in my neighbourhood throws a party
i don't want to go

better be there

nine o'clock
everybody's there
everyone is having fun except for me
my friend i came here with passed out on the floor
only assholes here
i can't take it anymore
vomit, mayhem, alcohol
everybody's fucked
i want to leave
i've always hated parties
so why am i here
why am i here
why am i here

this is not for me

as i leave a scenery is catching my eye
a girl is getting molested by the guy
who always mocks at me at school
i have to put this to an end
i really tried to have a good time but everything sucked
i tried to tolerate him but that's enough
i treated him the way i treat jocks
i broke his face in the parking lot

worthless scum, just die
Track Name: Non-Vegan Lowlife
don't tell me you understand
why i am a vegan
if you'd do
you'd be vegan too
go vegan you hypocrite

your excuses are a joke
you know exactly what's happening
but you don't care
you fail to see what's underneath
a person tortured
and sentenced to death
the foodchain and natural order are lies
to justify murder

you support rape and abuse
murder, torture, inprisonment
so you think animals are worthless
that makes you lowlife
Track Name: Being Sad Is Fun
i'm fourteen years old and i hate myself
i spend most of the time crying and listening to thursday
i hate happiness, happiness is for posers
cutting myself and crying is keeping me alive

i don't want to feel good anyway
so go away and let me weep all alone to myself
i don't want to go to school, just to stay in bed
and to tell my mother that i would be better off dead

i cry when i laugh, being sad is fun
it just can't be that i'm the only one
who's talking all the time about killing himself
but i love living so i'll be crying instead
Track Name: Deport The ”Modern” Hardcore People Back To Metalcoreland
stupid jock, you think you're hardcore
because you've got plugs in your ears
you posers don't know shit at all
violent dancers i'm gonna kill you all

get a life before you get a lifestyle
beatdown ain't even one
everybody hates you, can't you see
you hype driven nike air max freaks

being as an ocean sucks
desolated sucks too
you'll regret your tattoos
fuck all of you
Track Name: Queer Edge Against The Cistem
what did you -
expect when you yelled at me
did you know know -
that this happens every day to me
i really tried -
to ignore your swearing
i'm so tired -
of assholes like you

yes, i wear a beard,
yes, i wear skirt

fuck you all -
you only make fun of me
i hate you all -
because of your bigotry
stay away -
from me and my scene
yes, i love -
to suck cock, so fuck you

queer edge against the cistem